Portrait session fee 

Groups of 5 people or less: $300 

Groups of 6 to 10: $400 

Groups of 11 to 20: $550 

$100 weekend fee (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) 

20 and beyond: Call or email for special pricing 


Purchasing images 

After the session, I will post 50-100 edited and toned images in a password-protected online gallery for you all to view. You can purchase these individually, or you can buy a thumb drive of all images, which gives you more freedom to use the images in a variety of ways and is often more cost effective. 

Digital downloads for groups of 5 or less: $300 

Digital downloads for groups of 6 to 10: $400 

Digital downloads for groups of 11 to 20: $550 


SC sales tax is 9.0% on tangible items, but is not collected by us if you arrange for digital download of your photos, or have them sent out of state. 

Major touch-ups 

While I edit and tone each image you receive for high quality, there are some changes that are more time intensive, for example, smoothing out splotchy sunburn, slimming someone down by 5-10 pounds or taming fly-away hair - what I call changing reality. With large groups with smaller children, I can sometimes take a smiling face from one photo and place it on another, if the pose is the same. To change an image with major touch-ups, the cost is $15 a photo.